ACTEMIUM, a high added-value service provider, has acquired extensive know-how revolving around:

  • Extensive expertise regarding technical and technological environments
  • In-depth knowledge of industrial processes
  • Highly competent and motivated teams

The women and men at ACTEMIUM share the same values:

  • Integrity: essential value that ensures the success of our projects. We thrive on abiding by our commitments and the best interest of our customers remains paramount at all times
  • Passion: our team cohesion is built around a shared passion for understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs, and on providing a high-level service to ascertain that all expectations are met
  • Initiative: source of creativity and progress when it comes to designing innovative solutions, and crucial in order to remain proactive at all times
  • Respect: being a 100% VINCI Energies subsidiary, we are committed to complying with the VINCI Code of Business Conduct