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Other equipment for "bulk"

ACTEMIUM Saint-Etienne Process Solutions designs equipment dedicated to “Bulk” applications for cases when equipment available on the market proves sub-optimal for these specific applications

# Lump breakers – We have an entire range of lump breakers meeting the needs of most industrial applications

# Blade lump breaker – This lump breaker is specifically designed to be used under big-bag unloading bins and prepares the product for pneumatic transfer  

  • Options: nitrogenisation, integrated cleaning, 316 stainless…
  • Specific features: equipment which can easily be reconfigured

# Anti-bridging systems – ACTEMIUM has developed an accessory which efficiently eliminates clogging by releasing a sudden burst of air contained within the device. It can easily be fitted to pipes, big-bag unloading bins, or hoppers.

  • Option: 304 stainless steel
  • Specific features: short 12 sec. filling times – not subject to regulations pertaining to compressed air

# Secure spreader beam – Spreader bean which eliminates risks entailed by the lifting of big-bags (straps that break or accidentally come unhooked)

  • Options : possibility of adding a flow adjustment valve (can avoid investing in a big bag unloader).
  • Specific features: 1.5T SWL   – quick adjustment of chain length means the spreader beam is compatible with all big-bag types