A project manager is appointed upon reception of the customer’s order. They remain the customer’s key contact person throughout the entire duration of the industrial project. This project manager coordinates all the technical staff and is assisted by a range of experts (process, purchasing, design).

Safety measures are integrated at all levels within ACTEMIUM. The company has acquired MASE certification, a French standard for the petrochemical and chemical markets.

  • Studies: general and detailed design is carried out by design engineers and drafters under the supervision of the project manager. Each stage of the project is subject to design reviews by the company’s experts.
  • Manufacturing: steel work is carried out in workshops dedicated to the type of material selected for the project (steel, stainless…). Each piece of equipment undergoes static testing as well as dynamic testing if required and a reception report is written up by the workshop concerned.
  • Assembly: an ACTEMIUM site manager supervises the assembly phase from the beginning of the on-site operations to commissioning. The on-site team is selected depending on the location and audited based on technical and safety criteria. 
  • Commissioning: this stage (which includes unit testing and dynamic testing) is carried out in the presence of a commissioning expert, an automation specialist and the site manager. We provide assistance to customers during the production launch phase and ascertain that the required performance is achieved.