ACTEMIUM develops and manufactures bulk handling equipment, mechanical and pneumatic industrial conveyors, dosers, sieves, screeners and mixers/homogenisers for the metal powder and high-performance ceramics markets. ACTEMIUM suggests industrial process automation solutions designed for the manufacturing of metal powders as well as ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, metallic pigments and refractory materials.

# Industrial processes for metal powders

Powder transformation unit including pneumatic transport systems, mechanical conveyors, dosing, sieves, compression and recycling solutions for powders:

  • Installations complying with ATEX directives
  • Closed-loop inert atmosphere (nitrogen and argon).
  • Energy efficiency
  • Clean and healthy environment, industrial air treatment and de-dusting

# Glove-boxes with inert atmosphere

For the handling of metal powders and refractory materials that react to oxygen, are sensitive to humidity, and/or explosive.

# Mixers/homogenisers

Homogenisation of powders under inert atmosphere: SOFRADEN MIB and Dry-Tech mixers.

The equipment and turnkey installations supplied by Actemium are destined both to manufacturers and users of metal powders. Being determined to meet the future needs of the metal powder sector that is undergoing rapid expansion and mutation, and in keeping with its innovation policies, Actemium has developed completely automated units destined to Additive Manufacturing processes using spherical metal powders such as Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Direct Metal Deposition (DMD).