ACTEMIUM is a renowned brand in the building materials industry.

The building materials industry requires precise formulations and homogenous mixing in order to obtain complex mortars used for construction purposes.

Our installations are specifically designed and highly adapted to the manufacturing of your formulated products:

  • Cement-based products, lime, gypsum
  • Exterior wall single coats, coloured with pigments or mixed with light-weight expanded extenders
  • Top coats
  • Restoration mortars
  • Skimming mortars reinforced with synthetic fibres
  • Light screeds based on expanded materials
  • Adhesive mortars
  • Pasty adhesives
  • Tile adhesives
  • Interior decorative coatings
  • Pasty decorative coatings
  • Pasty fibrous fillers
  • Spray-on thermal insulation systems

These products can be produced in dry mortar form or ready-to-use form.