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Automatic FIBC filling line

ACTEMIUM produces fully automated “turnkey” big bag filling lines.

Our expertise and experience on a wide range of markets enables us to take into consideration at the design stage numerous industrial standards but also requirements in terms of handling, reliability and energy saving.

Designed to operate in very demanding environments such as Atex environments, our big bag filling lines can integrate any of the following functions:

  • High containment transfer head (for CMR products)
  • Big bag pre-inflation, smart dust-removal
  • Automatic closing of the neck via a clamp
  • Gross or net weight function
  • Adaptation to various big bag heights
  • Compression cycles, “squaring up” of the big bag
  • De-palletisation
  • Laying of a protective film on the pallet

Our big bag production lines can be made from 304 or 316 stainless steel