Our big bag unloading stations are equipped with unloading bins to transfer materials from the big bag to a downstream process.

Big bag unloading bins are one of the most crucial parts in the product transfer procedure.

Our unloading bins can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to ascertain containment of facilitate the flow of powders.

Depending on requirements stemming from the operating environment and the product, an extremely smooth finish is possible (mirror finish) and the following functions can be integrated:

  • Flow enhancement function via vibration, fluidisation, …
  • Cleaning function
  • Weighing / loss in weight function
  • Containment function: inflatable joint: patent 14/60223 + removable striction ring preventing materials from jamming between the unloading neck and the tube entering the bin (see photo)
  • Neck tensioning function
  • Neck positioning assistance function