FLEXIPLANT is a pre-built modular unit designed for batch manufacturing of dry powder and granular products with fully automated operations. FLEXIPLANT specific design enables to process a large number of products and recipes.

# FLEXIPLANT process description

Loading process step: batch hoppers are filled with raw bulk materials constituting the recipe of the final product.
Mixing process step: the filled batch hopper is unloaded into the mixer before the mixing process.
FLEXIPLANT is CE marked and designed for use in explosive atmospheres (compliant with the ATEX EU directive), ensures safe handling of CMR substances and is suitable for use in the food industry.

FLEXIPLANT is designed for all industrial mixing processes using dry powder, granules, pellets and other bulk solids

Basic module

  • Rotation conveyor: a carousel conveyor with four fixed arms, the upper ends of which support a batch hopper. The body of the carousel rotates a quarter turn from one processing step to the next.
  • Batch hoppers: hoppers designed to receive the batch quantity
  • Skip conveyor: a conveyor that raises the filled batch hopper over the mixer
  • Mixer and receiving hopper

Configurable and combinable elements

  • Batch hopper
  • Mixer
  • Small quantity additive storage hoppers, dosing screws and weighing hoppers
  • Large quantity storage silos and dosing screws
  • Super sacks, big bags and sack unloading equipment
  • Process control solution

Standard auxiliary equipment

  • Central dust collection system, batch weighing hopper maintenance equipment, compressed air production system


  • Upstream and downstream processing equipment (e.g. sand dryer, sieve, packing line, palletizer)
  • Recycling equipment
  • Mixer optional features (e.g. cleaning-in-place system, auxiliary outlet, discharging, high speed choppers)


# Performance

By using the carousel conveying system with the 4 batch hoppers, manufacturers can process 4 production batches simultaneously and reduce production cycle time to under 3 minutes per batch.
Plant automation ensures short set-up times. FLEXIPLANT can be supplied with PRODOSE management control software which has specifically been designed for batch processes and manages all process manufacturing steps. Thanks to PRODOSE flexibility, no reprogramming is required when new additional equipment is added.
Reduced investment costs

FLEXIPLANT can easily be installed in an existing building due to its compact design (compact footprint and low height).
Greatly reduced civil engineering works.

Low maintenance requirements

  • The FLEXIPLANT concept as well as the robustness and sustainability of ACTEMIUM’s equipment ensures reliable batch operations and reduces maintenance costs.

No risk of cross contamination

  • Batch hoppers are easy to remove and clean. The mixer is available with a Cleaning-In-Place system.


  • FLEXIPLANT characteristics offer manufacturers the possibility of expanding the number of raw materials and increasing capacity with low additional investment costs, by adding new storage, weighing, dosing or bulk handling equipment around the carousel at each process step. FLEXIPLANT is easy and quick to reconfigure.


  • Delivery time is significantly shortened thanks to standard manufacturing processes, equipment design, and Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI). Each module is pre-mounted, pre-cabled and tested in the workshop before shipment thus reducing assembly time on site and making FLEXIPLANT easy to move.