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What our customers think of us


Identifying new markets, listening to our customers, identifying needs… all this with a very personalized approach, this is the purpose of the customer survey which was conducted with the help of iQuandA experts and which allowed to put forward very relevant results.

With this approach, we wanted to get closer to our customers, to understand what their perception of us was, what our strengths and weaknesses were…
It is also an opportunity to identify opportunities and possible threats.

Our clients in the spotlight

The center of attention in this new generation survey remains the customer.
Knowing how to listen to him and offer him the possibility to give himself up and explain his expectations in a completely free and transparent way.

Qualitative results

The iQuandA experts are in charge of questioning our customers about their expectations, their feelings, their needs but also how our company is perceived. Is our message clear enough?
The resulting analysis report is particularly detailed. Much more than simple answers or graphs, iQuandA analyzes in a qualitative way the collected data.

Detailed action and improvement plans are delivered in addition to the answers. The suggestions made enable Actemium teams to make a very targeted and precise analysis of the customers questioned.