Dense phase, high throughput, multi-material pneumatic transfer solution.

Actemium Saint-Etienne Process Solutions specialises in the design, construction and maintenance of mixing lines for powdery or pasty products, including storage, transport, dosing and mixing of materials.

The company also has solid expertise in the field of pneumatic transfer of dense phase, dilute phase, by suction or overpressure.

While some transfers are dedicated to single-product transport, Actemium has implemented several dense phase process transfers conveying a wide variety of products on the same equipment: cements, sands, limes, chalk, polymers, plasticizers, etc., as well as mixed finished products, without segregation and respecting the integrity of the materials.

This technology brings a lot of flexibility to Actemium’s customers, with whom many multi-product transfer projects have been carried out around the world.

Recently, Actemium changed 3 pneumatic transfers on an existing installation dedicated to the chemistry of building materials. New equipment has been installed to replace the existing equipment such as

A sand transfer for a capacity increase to : 20 batches of 1.5 tonnes per hour. Particular attention is paid to the wear and tear of the equipment with this abrasive material.
Two dense phase multi product binder transfer lines for a capacity increase to

                    – 18 batches of 3 tonnes per hour 

                    – 20 batches of 1.5 tonnes per hour

Plus the replacement and adaptation of the dosing devices (ultra fluidised helmet valves to manage complex flowing materials).

This equipment revamping took place in an international context (United States) and in the middle of a health crisis. Actemium’s French teams were able to successfully complete this large-scale project, which allowed for the optimisation of compressed air consumption (lower operating costs and possible public funding), an increase in production, and greater ergonomics and ease of maintenance.